Aftership - Additional Tracking Info & Notifications

If your warehouse or shopping cart cannot provide all the shipping data you desire directly to the customer, CartRover provides free integration with the Aftership platform. Aftership has both free and paid tiers.

Aftership allows you to:

  • Track all your shipments
  • View Delivery failures & Exceptions
  • Notify the customer via branded email or SMS
  • Have a custom branded tracking page for your store

Learn More at Aftership

Setting up Aftership in CartRover

  1. Sign up for an Aftership Account, or login if you already have one:
  2. In your Aftership Account, go to Settings > API
  3. Enter CartRover in the description and click Generate.
  4. Below that, copy the API Key.
  5. In CartRover, go to the Merchant and click Edit Setup
  6. Under Additional Settings, set the Optional Extra Interface to AfterShip.
  7. Paste in your API Key
  8. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click OK.

How it Works

After CartRover receives tracking data for each order from your WMS system, CartRover will forward the tracking number as well as some of the order and customer data to your aftership account. This will allow you to monitor shipments in aftership as well as trigger emails to customers.

If an order has multiple tracking numbers, each tracking number will be passed to AfterShip whether or not they actually ship at the same time.