CartRover displays alerts for various reasons when errors occur. Depending on the alert, specific action may need to be taken to ensure all information is communicated properly.  In some cases, CartRover will automatically resolve the alert and no action needs to be taken by the user.

Viewing Alerts

  1. All alerts can be viewed by clicking on the Alerts tab. 
  2. Recent alerts can be viewed on the Dashboard
  3. CartRover users are set up by default to receive email alerts. You can also add non-CartRover users to the email list. Click HERE for email alert setup instructions.  

 If there is a red dot next to the alert, this indicates the alert is still active

 If there is a grey dot next to the alert, this indicates the alert has been resolved or dismissed

General Common Alerts

Alert HeaderMessageSolution
Missing WMS SetupPlease go to the WMS Setup tab in CartRover to connect to your WMSGo to the WMS Setup tab → Select the system you will be sending your orders to from the dropdown menu → follow the steps on the setup guide for your WMS.

Unmapped ship method

The following ship method was received from the shopping cart, but no warehouse translation exists. Please select a translation in the Shipping Methods section 

Method code: Free Shipping

-View Ship Method Mapping

Click on the "View Ship Method Mapping" link in the alert and select a shipping method from the drop-down menu to map the shopping cart code to.

*You can also click on the Ship Methods tab and select a cart to view ship method mapping for that cart.

WMS Specific Alerts

Cart Specific Alerts