Exclude a Warehouse From Inventory Sync - Disable/Enable Warehouse

When syncing inventory from WMS/OMS systems that support multi-warehouse functionality, CartRover often receives inventory from multiple physical or virtual warehouse locations. It is often the case that the merchant does not want combined inventory levels from all warehouses synced to their order source. The following instructions explain how to disable a warehouse in CartRover to exclude it from all inventory syncing. 

How to Disable a Warehouse Location

Step 1: Go to the Merchant tab (for Fulfillment Plan users, go to the Merchants tab and select the merchant)

Step 2: Click the Products icon

Step 3: Select the warehouse you would like to disable (e.g. West WHS in the screenshot below)

Step 4: Click Edit Warehouse

Step 5: Click Disable

Step 6: Click Yes. 

The disabled warehouse will now appear grayed out. To re-enable the warehouse, follow the same steps and choose Enable instead.