How to Send Shipping Emails From CartRover

CartRover does not send out order or shipment confirmation emails to customers. However, there are still several way these emails can be sent out:

Through Shopping Cart

Most but not all shopping carts have this functionality built in. As long as CartRover is able to pass tracking data back to your shopping cart, reach out to the shopping cart support to see if they can help you set it up.

Additionally, for some carts like Shopify you can turn on or off the cart's email through CartRover. If CartRover handles this setting, you will see an option in the Cart Settings page labeled, Send Confirmation Email.

Through WMS/OMS

Many Warehouse or Order Management systems can be setup to send shipping confirmation emails. Reach out to your WMS or OMS providor and ask them if they can enable this for you.

Through AfterShip

CartRover can pass a copy of your order and tracking data to AfterShip. This is a company that provides shipment tracking data and can also send out shipping confirmation emails.

View more information about AfterShip here: Aftership - Additional Tracking Info & Notifications