Inventory Sync Issue/Discrepancy


Some or all of your inventory records are not syncing from your backend WMS/OMS system to your shopping cart.


Check Merchant Settings

  1. Make sure that Synchronization With WMS - Inventory is turned on in the MerchantsEdit Setup page. 
  2. On Merchant page, check the Last Inventory Run field. 
    1. If Last Inventory Run shows N/A, it means that Inventory Script has never been triggered before. Please refer to the Step 1 above. 
    2. The Status field shows the last Inventory Downloading result. 
  3. To check if CartRover downloads correct inventory levels from your WMS/OMS, please go to MerchantLocations & Products page.
    1. Click a specific warehouse (or Default) to see levels for that warehouse and when they were last loaded
    2. Click Add/View Products to see a summary of all warehouses. This page does not show the specific time each inventory record was loaded. 

Check Cart Settings

Go to the Carts > Select Your Cart > Edit Setup page in CartRover and check the following settings (per cart).

  1. Make sure that Inventory Upload Service is also turned on. 
  2. Make sure that Sync Inventory With Warehouse is set to the correct Warehouse. (The warehouses list will be automatically downloaded after CartRover successfully syncs with your WMS/OMS.)
  3. Check the Push Inventory Using Alias field. If you are using the wrong product aliases, inventory sync will be rejected by order source. (Click here for more information regarding Aliases Setup)
    1. Products that do not contain the chosen alias will be ignored during inventory sync.
  4. Set Minimum Inventory Level to 0 if necessary. This will make sure we always post the full inventory amount to your cart.

Review Specific SKUs

Check SKU coming from WMS/OMS 

  1. Go to Merchants > Locations & Products. Select the specific warehouse you have connected to the cart in question.
  2. Search for the specific SKU. Make sure you only receive one result and that it has been recently updated.
    1. If you get no results then you have an issue with your product codes matching up. Make sure your WMS has the correct SKUs loaded.
    2. If you get multiple results it means you have more than one product with the same alias code. An alias code must uniquely reference one product only. Make sure your WMS only has a single entry for each product.

Check Cart Sync

  1. Go to Carts > Select Your Cart > View Product Sync
    • Not all carts support this level of detail. If the page is blank, login to your cart to make sure the SKU in your cart matches the SKU in your warehouse, or that it matches the alias code you are setup to use.
  2. Browse or Search to the page with the product SKU in question to verify when we last synced inventory with our cart.
    1. If the Sync time says Never, make sure the SKU in your WMS or the alias you have selected match exactly.
    2. If the SKU does not exist in this list, make sure the SKU in your cart matches with the SKU in your WMS or the alias you have selected. (Click here for more information regarding Aliases Setup)

Check WMS/OMS Specific Issues

If listed, select your WMS to read more details: