Multi-Warehouse Inventory Setup

CartRover sets up a default warehouse automatically. You can edit the default warehouse as needed, but you may not remove it.

Currently Supported WMS

View list of Warehouse Systems that support Multi-Warehouse here: Multi-Warehouse Support

Table of Contents

Setup Inventory Warehouses

Auto Setup

When syncing inventory with the WMS, CartRover will automatically setup any new warehouse locations it finds and load the appropriate products and inventory levels into those locations. The instructions below allow for manual setup as well as changing the settings of existing warehouses.

  1. Obtain a list of Warehouse Names or Warehouse IDs from your WMS. 
  2. Click on Products icon under Merchant page. 
  3. Add warehouses in CartRover by clicking on Add Warehouse button, then type in warehouse name and save it. (For example, if you have 4 warehouses in Skubana, you have to create 4 warehouses in CartRover as well). 
  4. After finishing adding warehouses, you will need to map CartRover warehouses to WMS warehouses by clicking on Map Warehouses button. 
  5. Fill in WMS Warehouse Names or WMS warehouse IDs you obtained from WMS (Setup 1). Please leave unknown fields blank.  
    (For example, the given screenshot shows that the warehouse, Amazon Prime, from Skubana will sync inventory with the warehouse named Amazon in CartRover. Also, CartRover warehouse Chicago will sync inventory with Pink Warehouse in Skubana.)
  6. At the right, click which warehouse should be the Default. This is used to assign orders/inventory if the warehouse/location is not know.
  7. Click on Save button to finish mapping warehouses.

Edit Inventory Warehouse

You are allowed to change warehouse names, locations, contacts, and addresses in CartRover. Currently, setting up warehouse location with contact detail is not required, but when shipping EDI orders, they may require this information to be filled out.

  1. From the merchant Products page:
  2. Click on inventory warehouse icon (Or Add Warehouse if you don't have one yet).
  3. Then click on Edit Warehouse button to edit warehouse info.
  4. From here you can enter Contact and Address information.

Sync Detailed Inventory With Shopping Carts


Many EDI retailers will require inventory information broken down by warehouse. As long as your WMS system is providing this information, it will be passed to the EDI order sources as needed.

CartRover is able to sync your shopping shopping cart inventory with one specific warehouse or all warehouses combined. You can find shopping cart inventory warehouse options under every Cart Edit Setup page. 

For example, if Chicago is chosen as Sync Inventory With Warehouse, this shopping cart will only sync inventory with CartRover Chicago warehouse linked to your WMS.