Order Statuses

This page explains the meanings of each order status in CartRover. 

Order StatusAPI ValueMeaning
NewnewThe order has been downloaded from the shopping cart to CartRover and will be sent to the WMS
Sending CancelednewThe order has been downloaded from the shopping cart, but WILL NOT be sent to the WMS.
At WMSat_wmsThe order has been sent from CartRover to the WMS system
ShippedshippedCartRover has received tracking for the order from the WMS
ConfirmedconfirmedCartRover has sent tracking for the order back to the shopping cart

Order held by CartRover due to error. Eg. Ship method mapping, address error

Will display a red ! in the Status field in the UI. This status name is returned in API calls.

CanceledcanceledCanceled orders are not displayed on the Orders screen. They are available in the CartRover API.