Product aliases in CartRover

What is a product alias (aka. identifier)?

Product aliases are unique values that identify product variants. (e.g. SKU, Listing SKU, UPC, MPN, ASIN, Internal Product ID, etc.) A single product variant may have many product aliases/identifiers. 

Why are product aliases used?

Because sales channels and fulfillment systems often have restrictions on which values are used to identify a product, it is common for those values to not match between systems.

The problem this creates is that when CartRover downloads an order from a sales channel and passes the order to the fulfillment system, if the product aliases on the order do not match, the fulfillment system cannot identify which products should be included in the order. It is likely the fulfillment system will not accept the order if it detects unknown products.

Many fulfillment (WMS) systems support product aliases and solve this problem without needing CartRover. However, fulfillment systems that do NOT support product aliases will need CartRover to translate the sales channel product alias to the product alias used by the fulfillment system. To do this, CartRover will need to know which sales channel product alias matches to which fulfillment system product identifier (ie. SKU or Barcode).

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How are product aliases added to CartRover?

Automatic Alias Loading

For fulfillment systems that CartRover supports Inventory Sync Pickup for, CartRover will automatically download the main product identifier from the WMS and display it in CartRover. For fulfillment systems that CartRover supports Product Alias Pickup for, CartRover will also automatically load all product aliases attached to the main product identifier and display them in CartRover as well. 

Example: This product has a SKU number (which is the main identifier) and a UPC (which is treated as an alias to the SKU). Both values identify the same product.

Manual Alias Loading

The following process can be completed manually in the CartRover interface if your OMS or WMS does not support aliases automatically. If you have a large list you need loaded into CartRover, create a CSV file in this STANDARD FORMAT, then open a support ticket and upload your CSV file. There is a fee for uploading manual files.

Using Amazon as an example to load your Amazon SKU as an alias into CartRover.

CartRover's connection with Amazon can be set to download either the Amazon Seller SKU or the Amazon ASIN. Let's assume that neither the Seller SKU or the ASIN match the product identifiers in the fulfillment system. Let's also assume that in this case we are going to download the Seller SKU, not the ASIN (set in Amazon Cart Settings).

To add the Seller SKU as an alias in CartRover:

  1. In CartRover go to (Merchant tab → Products and Locations → Add/View Products) 
  2. Search for and select the fulfillment product identifier that matches the Amazon Seller SKU. 
  3. Click "Edit Product Aliases" 
  4. Click "Add Alias Code"
  5. Add the Alias Name (MUST be consistent) and the Alias Value (MUST be unique)
  6. Click Save
  7. In your Amazon cart settings in CartRover (Carts tab > Amazon > Edit Setup) make sure the "Translate Item Code" field is set to "Master SKU" This means that when CartRover loads the Seller SKU from Amazon, it will translate it to the Master SKU (from the fulfillment system) before passing the order to the fulfillment system.
  8. Also in your Amazon cart settings in CartRover, make sure the "Push Inventory Using Alias" field is set to the alias you created from the sales channel (e.g. Amazon). This means that when the fulfillment system provides inventory levels using the Master SKU, CartRover will translate to the Amazon Seller SKU when pushing those inventory levels to Amazon.