Some Orders Not Syncing from Cart to WMS


Some Orders are not flowing from your shopping cart to your WMS or backend system.


Check Skipped Orders

  1. Browse to the Orders tab and click the Show Skipped Orders button.
  2. If CartRover knowingly skipped any orders, they will be listed here along with the reason. Common reasons are order date being too old, or all items being filtered out.
    1. If the Order Date is too old, go to Carts > Select Your Cart > Edit Setup. Scroll down to the Earliest Order Date option and change the date to however far back CartRover should allow orders from. If you need CartRover to re-pull these orders, either edit the order in the Cart which will trigger CartRover to re-load it, or contact CartRover support to request we re-pull old orders.

Check Cart Filters

  1. Browse to Carts > Select Your Cart > Item Filters
  2. If you have any item filters enabled, make sure they are up to date. Learn more: Item Filters - How to accept or ignore specific products

Check Cart Settings

  1. Browse to Carts > Select Your Cart > Edit Setup
  2. Review the Cart Settings. Particularly any settings regarding Order Status.
  3. Make sure the Order Status of the orders in your cart matches the Order Status set in CartRover.
    1. If they do not match, you will need to decide whether the status is wrong in your cart and needs to be corrected there, or if you should change the status that CartRover loads in the CartRover settings.

Check Alerts

  1. Browse to the Alerts tab.
  2. If there are any alerts with a Red icon, click on them to view.
    1. Read the alert to see if it is an issue you can fix.
    2. Some alerts will have a link showing how to fix the issue, or a link the the specific order with a problem. Click the link to resolve the issue.

If you are still having issues, open a support ticket explaining your issue in detail.