How to look up an order (Merchant)

Once you have a shopping cart configured, orders will begin to flow through the system. If you need to look up an order, you can do so in the Orders tab.

Step-by-step guide

  1. To look up an order, click the Orders tab on the left-hand navigation. This will take you to the Orders screen which displays all recent orders that have come through the system. The default setting is to display all orders for the past month.
  2. Orders are only displayed if they match ALL the filters:
    1. Order # - Search for an order number. Matches the beginning of an Order Number, or the exact Order Number. May contain letters and symbols.
    2. Order Source - Limit results to a specific cart.
    3. Order Status - Only return orders with a specific status. Eg: Select "Delivered to WMS" to find orders that haven't been ship confirmed yet.
    4. Date Range - Select how far back to search for orders. Defaults to One Month.

  3. To see the details for any particular order, just click the order line. This will open the order detail screen.
  4. From the order detail screen, you can edit the order details and resubmit the order to your WMS again using the buttons at the bottom.