Setting Up Amazon International

Integration Specs:

Step-by-step guide

Important Note

This guide is for International Amazon accounts for which we do not yet have a proper CartRover account.

For North America or Europe, use these instructions instead: Setting Up Amazon

  1. Go to: and login with your Seller Central account.
  2. In the Amazon MWS Developer Permissions section, click the Register as a developer button.
  3. Fill out the Register as a developer form.
    1. Be sure to click the Verify button to verify email addresses that you enter.
  4. Click the Sign up button 
  5. Click Your developer credentials and provide Cartrover support with:
    1. Marketplace ID
    2. AWS Access Key ID
    3. Secret Key
    4. Seller ID
      1. Found back on the User Permissions page
      2. CartRover does not need your Developer ID

Internal Instructions for CartRover Support:

  1. Enter the Marketplace ID in: server_id
  2. Enter the Seller ID in: user_key
  3. Enter the AWS Access Key ID in: password
  4. Enter the Secret Key in: encryption_key
  5. Make sure password_encrypted is set to: N

General Integration Guidelines

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