Setting Up CommerceHub OrderStream

Integration Specs:

Read Carefully

CommerceHub is an EDI connection. As such it is your responsibility to carefully read the setup documentation and understand any requirements CommerceHub or the retailer have put on your specific setup. EDI connections are never plug-and-play and you must take responsibility for knowing your requirements and setting up your products and SKUs correctly in order for the connection to work smoothly.

OrderStream Connection Type

CartRover uses SFTP communication with OrderStream via XML. Make sure your OrderStream account is setup for SFTP communication (not VAN)

Premium Setup

CommerceHub Setups or testing performed by CartRover have a setup fee. Please fill out this form to get a new setup started.

Step-by-step guide

  1. You must have OrderStream enabled on your CommerceHub account.
  2. All of the required parameters listed above can be acquired from CommerceHub. Please ask your CommerceHub account rep for all of this information.
  3. Request the supplier test plan and XML guides from CommerceHub and send it to CartRover. (these can be found in your CommerceHub Resource Center as well)
  4. Setup your warehouse From shipping address in the CartRover merchant. Click on Locations & Products, select a warehouse, click Edit Warehouse, click Add Address.
    1. Place the CommerceHub Warehouse/Facility ID in the "AddressLocationNumber" field in the CartRover Warehouse Address.
    2. You can find your Warehouse/Facility ID in OrderStream by going to Warehouses > Manage Warehouses.

Document Numbers

  • 850 Purchase Order
  • 855/997 Acknowledgement
  • 856 Shipment
  • 810/820 Invoice
  • 846 Inventory Advice

CommerceHub connections through CartRover only support Dropship orders, not B2B.

Data Exchange Method in CommerceHub

When configuring your CommerceHub OrderStream account, please select the data exchange methods as shown HERE. Note: Document types may vary per retailer. Please select SFTP and XML for all CartRover documents (listed above).

Testing Process

CommerceHub requires testing the connection before going live.

  1. Enter your test credentials into CartRover to load orders.
  2. Contact CartRover support to have us generate testing responses for those orders.
    1. Please include the retailer Test Plan & HubXML documents provided by CommerceHub.
  3. CartRover will respond with a list of manual actions you must also perform. Login to to complete them.
  4. Once done, let CommerceHub know to review the test orders.
  5. Additional changes or test orders may be required.
  6. When certified, you can switch go live by removing the "-test" from the FTP Server setting in CartRover.
    1. Example: <changes to>

Note: Save your testing password in case you ever plan to set up a second retailer. CommerceHub will re-use the same testing password but will not provide it to you again which can draw out the amount of time it takes to setup future retailer connections.

General Integration Guidelines

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