Setting Up CS Cart

Integration Specs:

Step-by-step guide

  1. Log in to CS Cart admin panel. 
  2. Please go to Customers → Administrators, and open the admin account you want to activate API access to. Also, paste the Admin account's E-mail address into CartRover Cart Setup page. 
  3. Click on API Access tab, and check Activate User API box. 
  4. Paste the API Key into the CartRover Cart Setup page. 
  5. Make sure to click on Save Changes button before exiting Editing profile page. 
  6. Type your Store URL (NOT YOUR ADMIN URL) into CartRover Cart Setup page. 
  7. To obtain/configure order status code, please go to Administration → Order Statuses
  8. Click on order status to view corresponding status code. 
  9. Click on Test & Save buttons to finish CS Cart setup. 

Order Status

Store owners may setup custom statuses in CS Cart, but these are the default order statuses:
— processed
— complete
— open
— failed
— declined
— backordered
— cancelled
— awaiting call

General Integration Guidelines

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