Missing DSCO Orders


DSCO orders never loaded into CartRover. Where are they?


To find out why the orders were missed in the first place and correct the issue, check the following:

  1. Check the CartRover Skipped Order Log on the Orders tab. This will show any known skipped orders and why they were skipped. Example reasons include:
    1. Order Date is too far in the past (This can be changed in the cart settings)
    2. All items filtered out. See: Item Filters
  2. Check the Order Status in DSCO. You may have a process in DSCO that is changing the order status before DSCO has a change to send the orders to CartRover.
    1. If the Order Status has changed, consider reaching out to DSCO support with specific examples to see what other process may be interfering.

Follow these steps from DSCO to re-transmit or re-send your orders to CartRover: