Missing Houzz Orders


Houzz orders never loaded into CartRover. Where are they?


A few possible reasons for this are:

  1. You have the wrong "Connection Type" setting in CartRover. Make sure to verify if you are using Houzz Vendor or Houzz Seller.
  2. Orders are under Fraud Review
  3. Someone changed the order status manually on the orders in Houzz Seller Central.
    1. If this has happened, you may need to make sure CartRover is set to load both "New or In Production" order statuses so that CartRover will still load orders even if someone has changed the status.

Additionally, you can download a manual report of all Houzz orders from the past 30 days. To do this:

  1. Login to Houzz Seller Central and go to Manage Orders
  2. Sort by New order and click Search
  3. Click Download Orders at the top right. The file will be named order_report.csv