Setting Up Magento

Magento Version

These instructions are for Magento 1.

The latest version of Magento is Magento 2. If you have Magento 2, the setup instructions for that version can be found here.

You can view your current version of Magento by logging into the Admin panel and scrolling to the very bottom.

Integration Specs

Step-by-step guide

  1. Login to your Magento store (Not your account at
  2. Go to: System -> Web Services -> SOAP/XML RPC - Roles
    1. Click: Add New Role, Give it a name like CartRover then click Role Resources.
  3. Check Shopping Cart, Sales, Catalog Inventory and everything in them. Also make sure Catalog > Product > Update is selected.
  4. Click Save Role at the top.
  5. Next, go to: System -> Web Services -> SOAP/XML RPC - Users
    1. Click: Add new user
    2. Click: Create API Key
      1. Or fill out the form and choose and save a long random string for the API Key.
  6. In the sidebar, click User Role. Then select the role you just created.


Important Note

Orders must have the order state processing for CartRover to download them. Note that Magento has both a "status" and "state" field for orders. You can map your statuses to the desired state within Magento.

Minimum Version

The minimum supported version of Magento is 1.3

Additional Options

 WSI Compliance Mode Enabled

CartRover needs to know the WS-I Compliance mode Magento is in.

To see how this is set, go to System > Configuration > Magento Core API and look at: WS-I Compliance. The default is usually No.

While you're here, please set Enable WSDL Cache to Yes to improve your site efficiency.

 Limit to single Store ID

This allows you to only pull orders for a specific Store ID, rather than all stores.

To find your Store ID, go to System -> Manage Stores and click on the desired store name in the right column.

The Store ID will be listed in the URL of the webpage:

General Integration Guidelines

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