OpenCart Connection Issues


You are receiving an error message like the following:

Retrieve token failed. Please double check your Store URL and API Key.


Generate new Credentials

  1. Go to your OpenCart System > Users > API. Edit the user.
  2. Click Generate to create a new API Key. Copy and paste it into CartRover.
  3. Click on the IP Addresses tab and make sure the CartRover IP Addresses have been entered.

Often generating a new API Key can fix connection issues.

Disable or work around Reverse Proxy (like Cloudflare)

If you are behind a reverse proxy like Cloudflare, the CartRover IP Addresses you whitelist won't match what your server sees and so this will fail.

Options are:

  1. Disable the reverse proxy
  2. Add the reverse proxy IP Addresses to the API user IP Addresses list
  3. Configure your web server to replace the IP address of the proxy server with the forwarded original IP header.
  4. Disable OpenCart IP checks altogether.
    1. This requires installing the following 3rd party extension: