Setting Up PrestaShop

Integration Specs:

Step-by-step guide

  1. To find your API Key and Password go to the Advanced Parameters tab on the left-hand navigation menu in PrestaShop and then click on Webservice.
  2. Click Add new webservice key in the upper right
  3. Click Generate!
  4. Enter a description like: Cartrover
  5. For quick setup: click the top row of checkboxes for View(GET) and Modify(PUT)
  6. For more security, click the following boxes instead:
    1. For the View column select: addresses, carriers, carts, categories, combinations, configurations. contacts, currencies, countries, customer_messages, customer_threads, customers, deliveries, all fields starting with order_, orders, all fields starting with product_, products, shops, states, all fields starting with stock_, stocks, tax_rule_groups, tax_rules, taxes, warehouses, weight_ranges, zones.
    2. For the Modify column select: order_details, orders, products, stock_availables
  7. Click Save at the bottom right
  8. Enter the API Key and your store URL into CartRover.
  9. Make sure the Enable Web Service box is set to Yes. 

General Integration Guidelines

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