Setting Up SalesForce

Integration Specs:

This integration supports Salesforce Service Cloud & Sales Cloud

Premium Setup

SalesForce Setups have a setup fee as they require custom mapping.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Go to your SalesForce Dashboard, then click on Setup button on the top right corner. 
  2. Fill in network in Quick Find/Search box, and click on Network Access under Security Controls.
  3. Click on New button to add CartRover's IP addresses:
    3. (CartRover Test)
  4. Please go to your CartRover SalesForce Cart setup page and fill in Account Username
  5. Paste your account password in Password field.
  6. Click on Save button to save current page.
  7. See notes below regarding Order table mapping and fill out the Data Mapping spreadsheet if applicable. 

Please complete the SalesForce_Data_Mapping.xlsx and send the file to CartRover support - [email protected] 

Sample data mapping file for reference: Sample_SF_Data_Mapping.xlsx

For setup, debugging, and testing purposes, please provide CartRover support with a SalesForce login account to review your system when requested. DO NOT hide Developer Console in your SF account as CartRover will use this to verify your field mappings.

Inventory Sync

Salesforce does not have a native inventory field that auto-decrements with each sale. Because of this, the Inventory level displayed in SalesForce will not take into account any inventory sold between CartRover inventory syncs (which are typically once per hour).

CartRover does not create new inventory records in SalesForce, we only update existing records with the correct/updated value. If you have a product that is not syncing inventory, make sure to create an inventory record for it first, even if that record has 0 quantity.

General Integration Guidelines

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