Skubana Warehouse Name or Warehouse ID error


You are receiving errors in CartRover mentioning the Skubana Warehouse that are similar to one of the following:

Cannot do Inventory Sync with empty warehouse_id. Please make sure that your Warehouse Name field is set for Skubana Cart.

Could not update Order Status to Pending Fulfillment on Skubana site. Will re-attempt later: Warehouse not found [warehouseId:0]. (Status: 422)


Go to your CartRover Skubana cart and click Edit Setup.

Make sure the Warehouse Name field is filled out. If not, follow these instructions to collect your Warehouse Name from Skubana: Setting Up Skubana#CollectingWarehouseName

If the Warehouse Name was already filled out, double check it in Skubana to make sure it is correct.

If you want CartRover to pull all orders from Skubana regardless of Warehouse, the following features will not work:

  • Marking orders as "Sent to Fulfillment"
  • Syncing inventory levels