Setting Up SPS Commerce

Integration Specs:

Premium Setup

SPS Setups or testing performed by CartRover have a setup fee. Please fill out this form to get a new setup started.

Step-by-step guide

Integrating to an SPS Commerce retailer can take 4-5 weeks due to field mapping and necessary testing procedures on the SPS Commerce side. CartRover setup fees apply. 

  1. Please contact your SPS Commerce Integration manager to obtain your FTP credentials, as well as your Receiver ID and Trading Partner's ID.
  2. Select your SPS Commerce Cart Retailer Module. Please let us know if the retailer you want is not on the list.
  3. After saving the setup and entering your Trading Partner ID, be sure to click on "Retailer Info" option in CartRover and click Save. This page needs to be saved even if you won't be filling out the rest of the form.

Retailer Setup

CartRover is able to connect to all retailers supported by SPS, but there will be testing required to support needed fields and your specific setup.

Warehouse & Retailer Codes

Many connections will require the Retailer and/or Warehouse code and address.

The Retailer Code and Address can be added by going to the SPS cart and selecting Retailer Info

The Warehouse Code and Address can be added by following these instructions: Set Warehouse Address in CartRover

The Address Type Code value for each of these can be provided by SPS Commerce.

Supported Documents


Some of these specific document types may not be supported by every WMS system. For example, if a warehouse cannot provide pallet information, CartRover cannot generate pallet level ASNs.

  • 850 Purchase Order
    • Bulk Import
    • Drop Ship
    • Multi Store (Split by SPS)
    • Cross Dock (Split by SPS)
    • Blanket / Release
  • 855 Acknowledgement
    • Accept No Changes
    • Accept non-EDI order
  • 856 Advanced Shipment Notification
    • Single SKU cartons
    • Multi SKU cartons
    • Partial Shipment
    • Multiple Shipments per order
    • Single SKU non-EDI order
  • 810 Invoice
    • Single Order
    • Multiple Shipments per order
    • non-EDI order
  • 846 Inventory Advice

UCC Label Printing

UCC label generating and printing is usually the job of the Warehouse Management System.

If you need CartRover to print UCC labels for your B2B orders, please contact [email protected] You will also need to request Label API credentials (username/password) from SPS Commerce. This process is similar to using the SPS Commerce web dashboard.

UCC labels are not required for DropShip orders.

General Integration Guidelines

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