Setting Up Walmart

Before following the instructions below, please review the Walmart Integration Overview.

Required Parameters:

  • Consumer ID
  • Private Key
  • Channel Type

Step-by-step guide

  1. To obtain your API credentials, in your Walmart account, please click on the gear icon  on the top right to open General Setting. Then click on the Consumer IDs & Private Keys tab under API section. 

    Important Note

    If you do not see the API section, your account may have the wrong Role Type. Please contact the Walmart admin account owner to obtain API credentials.

  2. Click on Generate Key(or Regenerate Key) button to obtain your Private Key. 

    Each time the Regenerate Key button is clicked, Walmart will deactivate your previous Private Key.

    However, your Consumer ID and Channel Type code remain unchanged.

  3. You can find your Channel Type Code from the bottom of the API page. 

  4. Copy and past your Private Key, Consumer ID, and Channel Type Code into the CartRover Cart Setup page.

  5. Select in CartRover if your connection is for Walmart Marketplace or DSV. If you need a connection to both systems, you will need to setup two Walmart carts in CartRover.

Product Upload to Walmart

CartRover does not provide the functionality to upload your new products to To upload your products, you can use the Excel format provided by Walmart and send it to your Walmart rep. More info.

DSV Order Ship Node

If you are connecting to Walmart DSV (not Marketplace), the connection will also require you to enter your "DSV Order Ship Node". This is found in your Walmart DSV account in the Distributor ID field. 

General Integration Guidelines

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