Setting Up XML Files

XML Files are treated like any other shopping cart. To setup, add a new cart and select XML Files from the list of options. The logo for it is the same as the one shown above.

Integration Specs:

Step-by-step guide

  1. If you already have or were provided an FTP server, use those credentials you were given.
    1. If not, and you need a server, open a support ticket to ask for one from us.
  2. Put the server, username and password into the appropriate boxes in the CartRover setup.
  3. Enter the FTP Port.
    1. Default for FTP is 21
    2. Default for SFTP is 22
    3. Default for FTPS varies
  4. Enter the directories that files should be picked up from and dropped off to. Leave blank to use the main directory.
  5. Select the File Format from the dropdown. If you need a format that is not listed please open a support ticket
  6. If you set a Required File Extension, CartRover will ignore any files that don't end the same way. This can be a comma separated list of multiple file extensions.

General Integration Guidelines

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