How to set up a merchant (Warehouse)

If you use a Fulfillment Account, you have the ability to add an unlimited number of merchants to your account through the CartRover interface. Adding a merchant allows you to separate cart connections (and orders) from one another. 

Step-by-step guide

Step 1: To add a new merchant, click on the Merchants tab and then click New Merchant.

Step 2: Enter the Merchant Name

Step 3: Setup Merchant User checkbox

If selected, a new merchant user will be created and will allow the user to only access that merchant. Full permissions are given to the merchant user including adding cart connections. The email address entered will be used during log-in.

Step 4: Synchronization with WMS

Order Delivery (sets how often orders are sent from CartRover to the WMS system for this merchant)

Shipping Confirmations (Sets how often CartRover checks the WMS for new shipments for this merchant)

Inventory (Sets how often CartRover checks the WMS for new inventory levels for this merchant)

Step 5: WMS Settings

Your WMS will likely require merchant level credentials. (e.g. CIO Direct requires a Client ID for each merchant) Check your WMS specific setup guide for details on how to find the credentials you need. 

Step 6: Additional Settings

Optional Extra InterfaceEnabling one of the interfaces listed here will cause CartRover to send order/tracking information to that system. This is in addition to your main WMS system. Accounts not provided by CartRover.