How to set up a new user (Warehouse)

Fulfillment Center Account

Creating a new Administrator user

Administrator users have access to all merchants within the fulfillment center. 

  1. Go to the Merchants tab and at the bottom of the screen, click New User.

  2. Fill out the name and email of the user. You can set a password for the user or uncheck the box to have an email sent to the user to set up a password. 

Creating a new Merchant user

Typically for a fulfillment center account, merchant users will not be added as the fulfillment center handles all activity in CartRover. If a fulfillment center would like to give access to a merchant within their warehouse, they can:

Go to the Merchants tab → Select the Merchant → Click New User → repeat step 2 above

The Merchant user will only have access to their own merchant and will not have access to the Profile & Billing section. They will also have Read-Only access to the WMS Setup page. 

Billing Permissions

Click on the Profile & Billing tab and then click Edit Billing Access to limit other users access to billing information and settings.