Anchanto - Order Status Sync Callback is failed


Anchanto is sending several emails for every shipped order that says:

Order Status Sync Callback is failed 3 times on below urls. please verify given URL is working and returning the 200 status on the success.


  1. In CartRover, go to your Merchant and click on Edit Setup.
  2. Scroll down and click Test WMS Connection.
  3. Follow the instructions provided to re-enter the Webhook URL into Anchanto.

You will have to ask Anchanto to re-send the shipment webhooks for the affected orders or we will not be able to load the tracking information.

Anchanto Bug

There is a know bug in Anchanto. If you ever go to the Company Settings page in Anchanto and click save it will break your API connection and you must add your webhook URL again. Please contact Anchanto support if you are having this issue.

This bug is caused by Anchanto double encoding ampersands when the Company Settings page is loaded.