Setting Up ApparelMagic OMS


This connection is in Beta. Perform your own testing of all functionality before going live. We are currently working with ApparelMagic to resolve issues with their API.

Integration Specs:

Required Plan

Connecting to CartRover requires you to have an ApparelMagic Professional or higher plan. The Basic plan will not work.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Your ApparelMagic subdomain is located in the URL you use to access ApparelMagic. Only the bolded part is needed. "<yourcompany>" Please enter this on the WMS Setup tab in CartRover.
  2. Login to ApparelMagic and go to Settings > Integrations. Select CartRover.
  3. Click the Enable button in the top right corner.
  4. Copy the API Token and enter it into the CartRover cart setup page.
  5. When setting up your order source "cart" connections, complete the section titled ApparelMagic Settings. See the below instructions for those settings. 

Other Merchant Settings

If you are using the UPC or Alt SKU within ApparelMagic, you can skip this section. 

In the Merchant tab of CartRover, click Edit Setup. Make sure that SKU Attribute Character matches that format of your SKUs in the shopping cart.

For example, if the product code, size, and color are separated with an underscore in your shopping cart, select underscore in CartRover.

Order Source Settings

For each shopping cart connection in CartRover, you must collect the following ApparelMagic Information and enter it into the CartRover cart settings:

  • Division ID
  • A/R Account ID
  • Currency ID (optional)
  • Warehouse ID (optional)

ApparelMagic support can help you collect this information.


ApparelMagic Aliases

CartRover can only pickup the following product aliases from ApparelMagic:

  • sku_alt
  • UPC_11
  • UPC (AKA upc_display)
  • vendor_product_sku

If you have any questions about these aliases, please contact ApparelMagic support. If you have other alias fields in ApparelMagic you need CartRover to load, please contact CartRover Support.