Setting Up CSV Warehouse

Integration Specs:

Contact CartRover Support if you don't have your own FTP server and need one provided

Step-by-step guide

  1. Choose your FTP Server Type
    1. FTP Passive, FTP Active, or SFTP
  2. Put the server, username and password into the appropriate boxes in the CartRover setup.
  3. Enter the FTP Port.
    1. Default for FTP is 21
    2. Default for SFTP is 22
    3. Default for FTPS varies
  4. If you have multiple clients, CartRover can drop files into a different directory for each client. the Directory Order option defines which folder comes first. The Client specific folder, or the Warehouse specific folder. If you won't be using one of those settings, this field doesn't matter.
  5. Enter the directories that files should be picked up from and dropped off to. Leave blank to use the main directory.
    1. Under each Merchant's settings, you will also see a list of directories. Those directories let you define the client specific folders to use.
    2. For example, if your order directory structure is: /CLIENTNAME/Orders
      1. Choose "Login to client then WMS" since the client folder comes first.
      2. Enter "Orders" in the WMS "Order Directory"
      3. Enter CLIENTNAME in the Merchant "Order Directory"
  6. Select the File Formats from the dropdown.
    1. Select Customize CSV Fields at the bottom of the screen to setup any format you need.


See here for instructions on mapping up your custom CSV formats.