EasyPost Fulfillment Integration Overview

Supported functions


  1. CartRover retrieves new sales orders from each order source
  2. CartRover delivers the sales orders to EasyPost Fulfillment
  3. CartRover retrieves shipment tracking and inventory levels from EasyPost Fulfillment
  4. CartRover delivers shipment tracking and inventory levels to each order source

The frequency of each workflow step is configurable within your CartRover account. (Steps 1 and 4 are set in your cart settings) (Steps 2 and 3 are set in your merchant settings)

Required Parameters

Credentials from EasyPost that are needed to setup this connection in CartRover. The setup guide (linked at the bottom of this page) will explain further instructions.

  • Production API Key
  • Test API Key

Important Integration Notes

Before setting up this connection to EasyPost Fulfillment, please review these important notes to ensure the integration is successful:

Backordered Inventory

Please be aware that EasyPost will reject your orders if they do not have enough inventory.

  1. CartRover will mark rejected orders as On Hold and will automatically resend them every day around 1:00 AM PT. 
  2. You will need to handle Order Cancellation requests manually. If buyers cancel orders in Shopping Carts, please mark those orders as Cancelled Sending To WMS in CartRover. 

Product Identifier

  1. EasyPost Fulfillment only identifies products/items using their barcode identifier within the EasyPost system (typically the UPC). If your order sources cannot provide this exact barcode in the SKU field, you must add your order source SKU as an alias to the EasyPost item within CartRover, so that CartRover can translate the SKU to the barcode before passing orders to EasyPost. Instructions listed HERE
  2. If you would like CartRover to translate your Bundle Items into components, please reach out to CartRover support.

EasyPost Fulfillment Setup Guide

Follow the step by step instructions on the EasyPost Fulfillment Setup Guide to connect your EasyPost Fulfillment account to CartRover.