EasyPost Packing Slips & Inserts

If you need or want packing slips to be sent out with your EasyPost orders, CartRover can generate a basic packing slip and send it to EasyPost for them to print and insert into your shipments.

  1. Go you your Cart in CartRover and click Edit Setup
  2. Scroll down to the EasyPost Fulfillment settings at the bottom of the page.
  3. Enable the Custom PDF option.
  4. Select Standard Packing Slip and enter an optional custom message to be displayed on each packing slip.

For each order CartRover will generate a packing slip containing:

  • Store Name
  • Order Number
  • Ship To & Bill To Address
  • Product List
  • Gift Message
  • Customer Comments
  • Vendor Message

Here is a sample packing slip showing the format to be generated:


Other Inserts available:

Insert DataExplanation
Standard Packing Slip

A simple packing slip. Sample file: EasyPost-Packing-Slip-sample.pdf

Gift MessageSend gift message as a PDF insert to EasyPost
Shipping InstructionsSend customer shipping_instruction (order notes) as a PDF insert to EasyPost. 
PassthroughYour order source will send CartRover packing slips. CartRover will forward them to Easypost.
CartRover CustomCartRover is no longer able to implement new custom formats. Please use the Passthrough option instead to provide your own custom documents.

Passthrough PDF Inserts

If you need a more custom insert or packing slip, CartRover can pass through any custom PDF insert that your order source can provide. As long as your order source can provide the PDF documents in a standard fashion for each order, CartRover should be able to pass them though. The most flexible way to do this is to use the CSV or XML carts in CartRover where you can tell CartRover where to pick up PDF documents from. The PDF filename is expected to match the order number. Example: The PDF for Order XYZ123 should be named: XYZ123.PDF