Setting Up HighJump

Integration Specs:

Please reach out to CartRover Support if you do not have your own FTP server and need one provided.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Choose your FTP Server Type
    1. FTP Passive, FTP Active, or SFTP
  2. Put the server, username and password into the appropriate boxes in the CartRover setup.
  3. Enter the FTP Port.
    1. Default for FTP is 21
    2. Default for SFTP is 22
  4. Enter your FTP Username and Password. 
  5. Complete following fields: 
    1. Order Directory: CartRover will send order files to the given order directory path. 
    2. Confirmations Directory: CartRover will pick up confirmation files from the given directory path. 
    3. Inventory Directory: CartRover will load inventory file from the given directory path. 
    4. Archive Directory: CartRover will move loaded confirmation files to this directory. You can leave this field blank if you want to remove files after loading. 
    5. Confirmation File Prefix
    6. Inventory File Prefix
  6. Please contact HighJump to obtain Partner ID, Customer Code, and Company Code for each of your merchants. Enter this information on the CartRover Merchant setup page.