Moulton Inventory Sync

CartRover can pickup inventory levels from Moulton Logistics and forward those levels to your shopping carts and marketplaces automatically. This feature is disabled by default with Moulton. To begin performing inventory sync, follow these directions.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Send an email to your Moulton Rep and ask about enabling their inventory export for CartRover. There may be an extra fee from Moulton to enable this.
  2. Once ready, in CartRover go to the Merchant tab and click Edit Setup.
  3. Under "Synchronization with WMS", change the Inventory option from OFF, to one of the offered schedules.


    Moulton provides inventory levels once per night. You can enable the inventory sync in CartRover more often, but it will only update the inventory levels when Moulton has provided new information. CartRover and your shopping cart will track sales to keep levels accurate between syncs with Moulton.

  4. For each shopping cart you wish to send inventory levels to, go to that cart within CartRover and click Edit Setup.
  5. Under the "Services" section, change Inventory Upload from OFF, to one of the offered schedules.