Moulton - Setting Up Rush or other Shipping Offer Codes

By default, all orders will be sent to Moulton with default shipping options. The Shipping Method you select in your shopping cart will not be forwarded to Moulton. If you need your shopping cart shipping method to be translated into a Moulton Shipping Offer Code, follow these directions.

Offer Code

When using Rush offer codes, you will need to have Moulton setup an Offer Code for every delivery speed you plan on offering including Standard Shipping. If you will only be offering Standard Shipping and no other shipping types, you do not need to setup any offer codes or follow these directions.

Table of Contents:

Step-by-step guide

  1. In your CartRover Cart Settings, scroll down to the Moulton Settings section and enable Ship Method as Offer Code.
  2. On the same screen under, Order Load Options, also enable the Reject Unmapped Shipping Codes option.
  3. Be sure to click OK to save your changes.
  4. Go to the Ship Methods tab of CartRover and click on WMS Shipping Method List.
  5. Here, on the left side, enter your Moulton Offer Code for each shipping option. On the right side, enter a user-friendly description.
    1. Note: When using this functionality, you must also ask Moulton to setup an offer code for standard shipping. We recommend you use: STDSHIP
    2. Alternatively you can setup a Ship Method with a blank code and use that instead.

  6. Now, as orders load, CartRover will send you an email each time a new/unknown ship method loads. You will be asked to map it to one of the Moulton Offer Codes before the order gets forwarded to Moulton.
  7. You can also set them up ahead of time by going to the Ship Methods tab and selecting your shopping cart. On the left, enter the shipping code exactly as it appears in your shopping cart. On the right select the matching Moulton Offer Code to use.

Amazon Prime

If you have an Amazon connection setup and want to pass Prime orders to Moulton:

  1. Notify Moulton to expect Prime orders and have them setup the offer code: PRIME
  2. Under your Amazon cart settings in CartRover, you'll find a setting labeled "Ship Code for Prime Orders." Enter the value: PRIME
  3. Make sure you add PRIME to your WMS Shipping Method List.
  4. Make sure you have followed the directions above in the Step-by-step guide.
  5. Any ship methods you don't want sent to Moulton will need to be mapped to a blank or Standard Shipping Code in the WMS Shipping Method List.