Setting up Moulton Logistics

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The guide below lists the requirements and steps for how to connect your CartRover account to Moulton Logistics' Order Vision system. Completing the Step-by-step guide will establish the connection between the two systems. Please also view the Additional Required Setup section and the options in the Additional Options section to configure your CartRover setup as needed. 

Integration Specs:

  • Required Parameters (Provided by Moulton)
    • Group Code
    • API Password
    • Project Code 
    • CLNO 

Preferred CartRover Signup Link:

Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Have you signed up for a CartRover merchant account yet? If not, please use the Moulton Preferred Sign-up Link

If you did not sign up for CartRover using the Moulton Preferred Sign-up Link, you must first go to the WMS Setup tab in CartRover to change your selected WMS to Moulton Logistics.

Step 2: Please contact your Moulton rep to obtain the four required parameters:

Group CodeABCDThis will be a 4 character code that signifies your account with Moulton. Moulton may provide a code that looks like this: "ABCD_CRT", but only the first 4 character are needed.
API PasswordXy1RCaPWQvDfThis will be a string of text around the length of the example shown.
Project CodePROJ1PROJ1 is the default value and may stay the same. Please confirm with Moulton. (set under cart settings)
Client Number (CLNO)ABTwo character code (set under cart settings)

Step 3: Start by entering your Moulton credentials: Go to the Merchant tab > Edit Setup and enter the required fields under the Moulton Settings section (Group Code and API Password). Please reach out to your Moulton account rep if you do not have this information.

Step 4: To set up a new shopping cart, go to the Carts tab,click New Setup, and select the cart you would like to connect to. For instructions specific to the chosen shopping cart/marketplace, select the cart from the Order Sources list. 

Step 5: When setting up a new shopping cart, you must enter the Client Number and Project Code fields with the values provided by Moulton. Please contact CartRover Support if you have a single cart that needs multiple Client Numbers. 

Note: You can add as many shopping cart connections as you need by repeating steps 4 and 5.

Additional Required Setup

  1. You must place your Moulton Offer Code in the SKU field for each product in your shopping cart (not within CartRover). This is the only way for Moulton to know which product was purchased. It is also the only way to sync inventory from Moulton back to your shopping cart. No SKU/Offer Code setup is required within CartRover.
  2. After reviewing the Additional Options section below and , you can turn the connection on when ready. 

Additional Options

Ship Method as Offer Code

To setup more advanced shipping options, like Rush Shipping, please read: Moulton - Setting Up Rush or other Shipping Offer Codes

Inventory Sync

By Default, Moulton inventory sync is disabled. To enable inventory sync from Moulton, please read: Moulton Inventory Sync