Red Stag Fulfillment Order Settings

When Red Stag Fulfillment is selected as your CartRover WMS (Order Destination), there will be Red Stag Specific setting to set for each Shopping Cart (order source) connection in CartRover. These settings are listed and explained below: 

Red Stag Fulfillment Settings

Red Stag Store CodeStore code. It is REQUIRED for each shopping cart. 

Red Stag Order Ref

Which data field should CartRover use as Red Stag Order Ref field?

By Default, CartRover is using Cart Order Number as Red Stag Order Ref. 

Cart Order Number
  • Cart Order Number
  • PO Number
  • Record No. 
Red Stag Order SignatureSignature setting for orders.DO NOT SET
  • Adult Signature Required
  • Default To Carrier Service Type
  • Direct Signature Required
  • Indirect Signature Required
Red Stag Saturday DeliverySaturday delivery option. NO
  • NO
  • YES
Red Stag Overbox
Request overbox option.
  • NO
  • YES
Red Stag Delay Ship DaysHow many days should Red Stag delay orders fulfillment?0
Red Stag Order HoldShould CartRover mark orders as ON HOLD indefinitely in Red Stag FulfillmentNO
  • NO
  • YES