Setting Up Rockpoint Logistics

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Integration Specs:

Preferred CartRover Signup Link:

Please contact Rockpoint if you do not have the required parameters listed above.

Step-by-step guide

  1. If you did not sign up for CartRover using the Rockpoint Signup Page, you must first go to WMS Setup and change your selected WMS to Rockpoint Logistics
  2. Go to Merchant > Edit Setup and enter the required fields under RockPoint Settings. Please reach out to Rockpoint if you do not have this information.

Once setup, you can add as many shopping cart connections as you need and CartRover will automatically forward those orders to Rockpoint as well as send tracking information back to the shopping cart after your orders are shipped.

Important Note

You must place your Rockpoint product code in the SKU field for each product in your shopping cart. This is the only way to know which product was purchased. It is also the only way to sync inventory from Rockpoint back to your shopping cart.