Ship Central Integration Overview

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Supported Functions


  1. CartRover retrieves new orders from each order source
  2. CartRover delivers orders to Ship Central
  3. CartRover retrieves shipment tracking and inventory levels from Ship Central
  4. CartRover delivers shipment tracking and inventory levels to each order source

Required Parameters

Credentials from Ship Central that are needed to setup this connection in CartRover. The setup guide will explain further instructions.

  • API Username
  • API Password

Important Integration Notes

Before setting up this connection to Ship Central, please review these important notes to ensure the integration is successful:

Products & Offers

Ship Central has both Products and Offers. When loading orders into Ship Central, CartRover matches the SKU received from the shopping cart to the Ship Central Offer ID. Please make sure these values match up.

CartRover does not load orders using the Ship Central Product code because a single product may have multiple offers and CartRover cannot know which offer is the correct one to use.

WMS Setup Guide

Follow the step by step instructions on Setting Up Ship Central to connect your Ship Central account to CartRover.

General Integration Guidelines

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