Ship Hero Error - Email is required


Orders are failing to load into Ship Hero with the error message:

Error sending orders to ShipHero

Order XXXX error: email is required. Error Code: 422


Ship Hero requires that all orders have a customer email associated with them. This error occurs if you receive and order with no customer email address on it. There are two options:

Fix the Specific Order

  1. The alert will link to the specific order.
  2. From the order click Actions > Edit Order
  3. Add an email address and save
  4. CartRover will re-send the order the next time the interface runs automatically.

Set a Default Email Address

  1. In CartRover browse to the shopping cart the order came from
  2. Click Edit Setup
  3. At the very bottom of the page fill out the Default Order Email option.
  4. If an order ever loads without an email address, CartRover will send Ship Hero this default email address instead.