Setting Up ShipBob

Integration Specs:

Step-by-step guide

  1. Go to your ShipBob Account Settings page by clicking on the Your Account button. 
  2. Click on API tab. 
  3. Copy the Access Token and paste it into the CartRover WMS Setup page.
    • You can optionally click on Generate button first to generate a new Access Token (The old Access Token will be revoked and become unusable).
  4. On the CartRover WMS Setup page, click on Test WMS Connection to verify your Access Token. 
    • If test is successful, additional instructions will be displayed which must be followed:
  5. Copy the Shipment Webhook from CartRover and paste it into both the Tracking Upload WebHook Url and When an Order is Shipped under API Tab in your ShipBob account. Then click on Save & Test button to finish setup.
    • If test fails, please restart from Step 1. 
  6. Please make sure to click the Save button on the CartRover WMS Setup page.