Auto Printing Labels with Shippo

The CartRover integration with Shippo provides several additional features on top of the standard Shippo platform. The most powerful of these is the ability to auto-print a shipping label as soon as it is generated in Shippo. Here's how to set this up.

Before You Get Started

First make sure you have connected your Shippo account. See here: Setting Up Shippo

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Auto printing requires a Windows computer as well as a modern browser like Chrome or FireFox.

Java is required. You can download it here:

Internet Explorer and Windows XP are not supported.


Make sure you have a printer installed in Windows. A thermal label printer is preferred. In the printer's "Printing Preferences", make sure you have set accurate paper dimensions. Eg. 4in x 6in for thermal labels.

Getting Started

Login to CartRover and go to the Shipping tab.

If you not logged in to Shippo yet, the page will display a Shippo Login screen for you to login.

Click on Launch Auto Print at the top of the page.

A download will be triggered. You may get a warning. If so, click Keep. Then click on the file to open it.

Wait for the application to launch. This may take a minute. Once it is ready a small box will appear in the lower right of your screen.

This is the application. You don't need to do anything with it other than leave it open as long as you plan to ship. You can minimize it to get it out of the way.

A list of your available printers will appear at the top of the CartRover page. Select your desired printer. CartRover will remember your selection in the future.

You may now begin purchasing your shipping labels from Shippo. Once purchased, you can skip the Download step in shippo as the label will be sent directly to your printer!