Important Change Regarding Your CartRover-Skubana Account on August 8th

CartRover will be changing how our inventory sync works with Skubana.

As a Skubana customer, we want to make sure you are aware of the change and have time to review your settings before it goes into effect on Wednesday, August 8th.

How Inventory Works BEFORE August 8th

CartRover currently loads all Warehouse Locations from Skubana and the inventory levels in each location. In CartRover you can then setup which locations are synced to your order source.

By default the total quantity of all locations combined is synced to your order sources.

How Inventory Will Work AFTER August 8th

CartRover will load inventory levels per Sales Channel from Skubana. Skubana lets you define in more detail which warehouse locations have inventory available to specific Sales Channels within their channel allocation rules.

Skubana will perform the calculation and CartRover will pass through those inventory levels to the matching Sales Channel.

If you use SPS Commerce or CommerceHub, your inventory sync with Skubana will not change. These systems require inventory reported per location.

What To Do

Review your Disabled warehouses in CartRover by going to the Merchants tab and clicking on Products. Gray warehouses are disabled.
If any warehouses are disabled, go to the Sales Channel in Skubana and Exclude those Warehouses:

Make sure that you setup the proper inventory allocation that you want for each sales channel. After the change, CartRover will automatically begin picking up inventory based on these rules so they need to be set up in advance.

Why This Is Happening

CartRover is working to make our connections work more like a native Sales Channel connection in Skubana.

This first step in that process will make inventory levels work the same for CartRover Order Sources as they do for any other Skubana Sales Channel.


Skubana inventory changes are coming on Wednesday, August 8th.
You need to review the page Excluded Warehouses in Skubana.
If you are using SPS Commerce or CommerceHub, your inventory sync will stay the same.


You can contact CartRover support at:
You can contact Skubana support at [email protected]