Setting Up Skubana OMS

Integration Specs:

Table of Contents

Step-by-step guide

Enable Pop-ups

Please make sure that you have added CartRover ( to Pop-ups Blocker White list. 

For more information, please go to Enable Pop-ups for CartRover

  1. Log in your Skubana Account first. 
  2. In a separate tab, log in to CartRover and go to the WMS Setup page. Select Skubana if not already selected.
  3. Click the Grant US API Access button on CartRover WMS setup page.
  4. You will be directed to the CartRover Skubana Appstore. Click on Install button, and confirm App Permissions on the web page. 
  5. Return to the CartRover page where you will be informed if the connection was successful. 

  6. Click on Test WMS Connection button to confirm the connection. Click Save. This completes the connection to Skubana. See below for further settings needed (for Skubana users) when setting up the connection to your shopping carts. 

  7. To enable inventory sync from Skubana, please follow the instructions HERE
  8. When setting up each order source/cart connection, please follow the instructions below to create a manual sales channel in Skubana and enter the name of the sales channel on the cart settings page in CartRover.

Skubana Sales Channel Name

Enter your Sales Channel Name in CartRover

When setting up a shopping cart in CartRover (Carts tab →  New Setup → select your cart type), enter your Skubana Sales Channel Name for this specific sales channel in the "Skubana Sales Channel Name" field. If you have already setup your cart connection in CartRover, you can access the cart settings page by going to (Carts tab →  Select the cart →  Edit Setup).

How to create a Sales Channel in Skubana

Your Skubana Sales Channel Name can be found in your Skubana account under (Settings → Sales Channels). To create a manual sales channel, click New Channel, select the Skubana logo, and enter the name of the Sales Channel under "Manual Orders Channel Name". 

Channel Listing SKU

CartRover is able to sync your Skubana Channel Listing SKU with your shopping cart. To do this, make sure you have inventory sync enabled on the merchant level. Next, in your cart settings the Sync Inventory Alias option will display a list of available listing skus. Select the proper listing sku name.