Setting Up Carter Distribution

This page provides instructions for how to connect your CartRover merchant account to Carter Distribution's WMS system. Please also review our Merchant Getting Started Guide for general info and further setup notes.

Integration Specs:

Step-by-step guide

  1. If you have not done so already, please sign up for a CartRover account using Carter Distribution's preferred sign-up link:
  2. Contact Carter Distribution to obtain the following parameters (column in yellow):

    Owner IDSnapfulfil Owner IDOne per merchant
    BizIDSnapfulfil BizIDOne per merchant
    Order TypeCartRover will use the given OrderType to send orders to /shipmentOne per cart connection
    Ship Class (Order Class)CartRover will use the given Ship Class(OrderClass) to send orders to /shipmentOne per cart connection
  3. In CartRover, enter your Owner ID under (Merchant tab → Edit Setup)

Cart Setup

  1. During the cart setup process, the remaining parameters for Carter Distribution (Order Type and Ship Class) must be entered on each cart setup page. 
    1. If you have not set up your cart connection yet, go to (Carts tab → New Setup → select the cart you are setting up (e.g. Shopify) → enter your Owner ID and Ship Class at the bottom of the page → follow remaining cart setup steps)
    2. If you have already set up your cart connection, go to (Carts tab → select the existing cart (e.g. Shopify) → click Edit Setup → Enter your Owner ID and Ship Class at the bottom of the page.