Setting Up SnapFulfil WMS

Before following the instructions below, please review the Snapfulfil Integration Overview

Required Parameters

Credentials from Snapfulfil that are needed to setup this connection to CartRover. See below for instructions on how to request/obtain these credentials. 

  • Live/Test API URL
  • Live/Test API Username 
  • Live/Test API Password
  • Warehouse Name
  • Owner ID
  • Order Type
  • Ship Class

Step-by-step guide

  1. Contact your SnapFulfil representatives to obtain the following info: 

    Field NameDescriptionNoteWhere to Enter in CartRover

    Live/Test API URL

    https://xxxxxxxxxxx.snapfulfil.netWMS levelWMS Setup tab
    Live/Test API Username-WMS levelWMS Setup tab
    Live/Test API Password-WMS levelWMS Setup tab
    Warehouse Name/CodeSnapFulfil Warehouse Name/Code. CartRover will sync inventory with the given warehouse. WMS levelWMS Setup tab (option to override on Cart settings, e.g. Shopify Setup Page)
    Owner IDSnapFulfil Owner IDPer MerchantMerchant tab > Edit Setup
    Order TypeCartRover will use the given OrderType to send orders to /shipmentPer cart connectionCart Setup Screen 
    Ship Class (Order Class)CartRover will use the given Ship Class(OrderClass) to send orders to /shipmentPer cart connectionCart Setup Screen
  2. Under the WMS Setup tab in CartRover, select "SnapFulfil" and enter all required fields. 

  3. Click on Test WMS Connection to verify your API credentials. Then click on Save button to save the current page. 
  4. When setting up new merchants in CartRover, ask SnapFulfil to provide you with the merchant's Owner ID
  5. Enter Owner ID into the CartRover Merchant settings (Merchants tab, select Merchant, Edit Setup).