Setting Up Stitch Labs OMS

Integration Specs:

Step-by-step guide

  1. Connecting to StitchLabs requires an sFTP account. If you do not have an sFTP account, you may contact CartRover support to request one. At this time StitchLabs does not provide an sFTP account.
  2. In StitchLabs go to Integrations > Channels and click Add Channel in the upper right.
  3. Click on + Channel and then select channelconnect 
    1. If you don't see the Channel Connect button, please contact your CSM or Support at Stitch.
  4. Name you channel after the order source you plan to connect (eg: Walmart) and then click Continue.
    1. If you will be connecting multiple order sources to Stitch through CartRover, you will setup multiple channelconnect entries.
  5. For the Auto Link Products option, we recommend you select Link to Stitch SKU.
  6. Enter your sFTP credentials into Stitch and click Authorize.
    1. If you need a sFTP account provided to you, please contact CartRover Support. Also let CartRover know if you plan to use multiple CartRover Sales Channels with a Stitch Labs account.
    2. The Base Directory option is which folder they should change to after logging in, in case your FTP account does not login to the desired directory automatically.
  7. If your credentials are correct, you can click Continue to finish.
  8. Now go to the CartRover WMS Setup tab.
  9. Select Stitch Labs OMS if it is not already selected.
  10. Enter the same sFTP credentials as before and click Test WMS Connection.
  11. Click Save.

For detailed documentation regarding the Stitch Labs Channel Connect feature, you can view the Stitch Labs documentation here.