Ebay to TradeGecko OMS Integration

CartRover integrates Ebay and TradeGecko systems for loading orders and posting back tracking and inventory.

This page covers the features supported and limitations of this connection.

Supported Features


  1. This integration does not currently support creating products in TradeGecko and having them be automatically created in Ebay
  2. This integration does not currently support making changes to product description or price and having that information automatically updated in Ebay
  3. There are limitations with collecting tax information for certain international Ebay marketplaces. See below

Ebay Taxes

For countries where tax is included in the item price (Tax Inclusive), Ebay does not send the Tax Rate tat CartRover. If you need proper prices and taxes to load into TradeGecko, you must set the following option in the CartRover ebay settings page:

Required Settings

  • Dynamic Item Tax Rate: No
    • You must setup your tax rates in TradeGecko and they will calculate the order tax rate since CartRover cannot.

Optional Settings

  • Order Tax Treatment: TradeGecko Default
    • We recommend you setup in TradeGecko whether your orders are tax inclusive or tax exclusive. But you can override the default TradeGecko settings if needed or desired here.
  • Apply Tax to Shipping: Yes
    • If your shipping costs are taxable, you must turn this setting on. Otherwise leave it off.
  • Custom Tax Rate: If your shipping costs are taxable, you must enter the tax rate here. TradeGecko cannot apply their own tax rate to shipping costs.