TradeGecko OMS Order Settings

When TradeGecko is selected as your CartRover WMS, there will be TradeGecko specific settings to set for each cart connection in CartRover. These settings are listed and explained below:

TradeGecko Order Status Settings

TradeGecko Order StatusWhen CartRover sends orders (from this shopping cart ONLY) to TradeGecko, this field signifies the current state of all new ordersActive
  • Active
  • Draft
  • Finalized
Create InvoiceShould CartRover invoice orders as soon as we send them to TradeGecko? Only Finalized orders can be Invoiced!No
  • No
  • Yes
Pack OrdersShould CartRover pack orders in TradeGecko? Only Finalized orders can be Packed/Shipped!No
  • No
  • Yes
TradeGecko Order Return StatusCartRover is able to download Order Return requests from SOME Shopping Carts. 
Please set the Return Status when CartRover sends them to TradeGecko.
  • Returning
  • Received

TradeGecko Price Settings

Order Tax TreatmentAre prices from this cart Tax Inclusive or Exclusive. TradeGecko will use this setting for these orders.TradeGecko Default
  • TradeGecko Default
  • Exclusive
  • Inclusive
Dynamic Item Tax RateShould CartRover calculate Item Tax Rate on the fly? If NO, all items will use the default TradeGecko Tax Rate.No
  • No
  • Yes
Currency NameWhich Currency should CartRover set to when creating orders in TradeGecko?
Please leave this field blank if you want to use TradeGecko default Currency. 
To find Currency Name, please go to TradeGecko --> Settings --> Configuration --> Currencies.
  • Leave blank
  • Go to TradeGecko --> Settings --> Configuration --> Currencies for options
Send Order DiscountShould CartRover send Order Discount as Free From Data on order line level?Yes
  • Yes
  • No
Shipment Cost Line LabelWhat should we call the Shipment Line on the invoice? Leave blank to skip sending shipment cost.Shipping Cost
  • Shipping Cost
  • custom name
  • leave blank

TradeGecko Other General Settings

Location IDThe location in TradeGecko that these orders should be loaded into. If left blank, order will load into default TradeGecko location.Blank will load orders into Default TG locationHow to find TradeGecko Location ID
Add Order TagsAll orders from this shopping cart will be given the listed order tags in TradeGecko. 
You can add multiple tags, which can be formatted as a list of comma-separated values. 
For example, if an order has three tags: tag1, tag2, tag3.
blank = no tags
  • Add custom tags, comma separated for multiple entries
Order Note FieldWhat Should CartRover send as Order Note field.Shipping Instructions
  • Shipping Instructions
  • Ship Name and PO Num. 
Order NumberShould CartRover pass the cart's Order Number to TradeGecko? If you select "Auto-Generated" then TradeGecko will create a unique Order Number.
The cart's Order Number will still be passed to TradeGecko in the Reference field.
Use Cart Order Number
  • Use Cart Order Number
  • Auto-Generated Order Number
Order ReferenceWhat should CartRover pass as Order Reference field?Use Cart Order Number
  • Use Cart Order Number
  • Leave It Empty
  • Bill-To Name 
  • Ship-To Name
Company TypeWhich Company Type should CartRover use when looking up/creating companies from/in TradeGecko?Consumer
  • Consumer
  • Business Customer
  • Supplier
Overwrite Customer Info

Should CartRover Overwrite Customer Billing and/or Shipping Address/Contact Info when sending to TradeGecko? (Ex. Cross Dock Orders)
You can leave some data fields blank so that CartRover will not overwrite them.

Linking All Orders to a Single Customer Record

If you want to link all orders to a single customer record in TradeGecko, select the "Overwrite Billing" option, and then make sure to fill in a default Name, Phone, and Email. Those are the three fields used to link customers together in TradeGecko.

Note: A new address will be added to the customer record for every order, even if that address already exists in TradeGecko. This is because we cannot detect if the address already exists in TradeGecko.

  • No
  • Overwrite Billing & Shipping
  • Overwrite Billing
  • Overwrite Shipping