Tradegecko order_line_items.variant can't be blank


Orders fail to load into TradeGecko with the error message:

Error sending orders to TradeGecko

Cannot post orders AAABBBCCC to TradeGecko. Response: order_line_items.variant
can't be blank. Http Status: 422. It is possible the SKUs do not exist in TradeGecko!

Please setup item XXXYYYZZZ in TradeGecko.


This alert means that the SKU sent from the shopping cart does not match a SKU in TradeGecko.

If the alert lists any specific SKUs, add those missing product SKUs into TradeGecko.

If the alert does not list any SKUs, you will need to verify that each item in the order exists as an active product in TradeGecko,

Once the SKU has been added to TradeGecko, the order will deliver to TradeGecko during the next scheduled Order Delivery.