Setting Up VeraCore

Integration Specs:

Step-by-step guide

  • Add your Order WSDL URL into the WMS Setup page of CartRover.
    • If you are a merchant, contact your Warehouse to obtain the WSDL URL and API credentials.
    • If you are a warehouse, contact VeraCore to find out your WSDL URL and how to get API credentials.


There are two VeraCore WSDL files that are almost the same. One ends order.asmx?wsdl - This is the WSDL file used by CartRover. The other wsdl file will not work.

  • Each merchant in CartRover needs its own VeraCore Web Service User. When you create one, make sure the necessary permissions are checked in the "Allowed Web Services" section. See below permissions.  
  • Enter the VeraCore Web Service Username and Password into the Merchant Edit Setup page of CartRover.

Setup VeraCore Web Service User

  1. Go to Set-Up > Web Service User Set-Up and click Add New.
  2. Enter the user's desired User ID and Password

Permissions needed:

  • GetOrderInfo
  • GetShippingActivity
  • AddOrder
  • CancelOrder
  • GetOffers
  • GetProductAvailabilities
  • GetShippingCharge (optional)
    • If not provided, you must change the Tracking Web Service option in CartRover to GetShippingActivity

Cart Setup

Each order source you setup in CartRover will have an "Order Source" value. You can view and edit this in the cart settings.

Within VeraCore you must add this order source in order for orders to load. Make sure the Source Description field in VeraCore matches the Order Source field in CartRover exactly.

Set VeraCore Source Descriptions in Utilities > Source Codes.

Products & Offers

VeraCore has both Products and Offers. When loading orders into VeraCore, CartRover matches the SKU received from the shopping cart to the VeraCore Offer ID. Please make sure these values match up.

CartRover does not load orders using the VeraCore Product code because a single product may have multiple offers and CartRover cannot know which offer is the correct one to use.